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May 4, 2024 | 8am-12pm

Clear Your Clutter for a Good Cause!  You can designate the BCF as your non-profit donation.

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Save the Date for our
Fall Fundraiser!

The Real McCoy Beer Co., 20 Hallwood Rd, Delmar, NY
September 26, 2024, 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. ET
*A donation of at least $10 is required to secure your ticket
Mission Statement

Neighbors helping
neighbors since 1942.

Since 1942 the Bethlehem Community Fund has quietly helped children, families, individuals, and elderly people living in the Bethlehem Community whose needs fall through the cracks of traditional programs. Typically, they are facing economic difficulties because of job loss, disaster, divorce, illness, or other life changes. We are a volunteer group of neighbors helping neighbors in their times of need.

Current board officers: Paul Gutman, Cathy Griffin, Greg Jackson, Andy Gutman
Other board members: Jennifer Baniak-Hollands, Joyce Becker, Kathy Betzholz, Sandee Doane, Darnell Douglas, Terri Egan, Lisa Finkle, Karen Harmon, Lisa Hoerz, Kathleen Johnston, Sheila Jones, Pam Robbins, Maryalice Svare, Monica Vail, Cindy Van Etten, Trinya Warner

You can donate (any amount is welcome) online or by mail. 
Thank you.  Together, we are one Bethlehem.



The Fund has an annual budget of about $30,000 per year. Our only expenses are for postage and stationery. For over 70 years, the Fund has relied on money from individual donations; the fund-raising activities of students, church groups, service clubs, businesses, and individuals; in addition to interest earned on bank balances.



The Bethlehem Festival Fund (dba Bethlehem Community Fund) is a 501(c) Tax-Exempt Organization as defined by the I.R.S. and donations to the Fund are Tax Deductible. Full cooperation of the Bethlehem Township and Bethlehem Central School District has always prevailed. Our Annual Meeting is open to the public.

Fund Allocation



Teachers, nurses, guidance counselors, school social workers and area clergy make most of the requests for assistance. Monies work to fill the gap left by traditional social services. Children receive help with school supplies, tutoring expenses, eyeglasses, clothing, camp tuition and other needs. Seniors may find assistance with utility bills, small home repairs, medical costs, a personal emergency response system or pet care. Each December, over 100 Bethlehem families receive Holiday baskets of food, clothing and gifts.

Need help

NEEd Help?

You can reach out for help through the school counselors, the Town of Bethlehem Senior services, your local churches or directly on this website contact form (below) to make a request for a need for you or anyone you know who needs assistance.  We will reply back and get more details from you.

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